Do you want to work from home
in your own time
and at your own speed?

Get everything you need to start a business
printing T-Shirts AND MORE from home now.

includes -
1 PC Laptop Computer
We Even Load All Our Software For You

500+ Colour Variations Artworks 'Inspiring Quotes'

+100 more General Popular Designs for T-Shirt Printing
all with Copyright
Plus Extra Ready To Print Templates for Fast Shirt Printing


1 x T-Shirt Heat Press


10 x Blank T-Shirts

30 T-Shirt Printing Papers
1 x Free Photographic Software (GIMP)

All used equipment with full training/instructions if needed.

Only £750

using your own printer or add a NEW One from £50

or if you rather ‘ALL New Equipment’ £2000

Tell your friends - this could be A LIFE CHANGING opportunity.

We Currently Have 2 Available - Contact Us If Postage
or Any Other Details Needed.


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This venture is assisted by Charities And Voluntary Organisations Partnership - Assisting Charities and Clubs for over 30 years.

This offer is for UK Mainland ONLY. eMAIL -

CVOP, P.O.Box 64, DA1 1ZH.